Michael Werner

Music production

I, Michael Werner, made my first DJ experiments in 1984 at the breakdancing sensation even before my music experiments. With two turntables and a mixer of the cheapest variety, I scratched and mixed wildly at home with my parents. Of course, my parents did not last long and I was forced to hang up at parties. In 1993, I started producing music with various producer teams in Berlin and the Ruhr area. A year later, the first release was released, which became the worst cover version of the year. But that encouraged me a little longer. Together with Bruce & Bongo and Boris Köhler alias Gary B. of the 94 Dance Act MAXX (Get a way & No More) we built up several music studios. To this day I am active in the pop and dance music field.

MultiMedia, Graphic Design, Website Creation

In 2001, I started to become a media and screen designer. Until today I am interested in the field of multimedia, graphics and design. I took over and took over the holistic development and production of various websites, for various private individuals and companies from all areas. Starting with the conception, through the creation of the layout, to the completion and possible post-processing of the order, everything comes from my hand and my network.

Audio branding and editing

I am currently producing audio branding and offer editing of audio material. Radio Jingles for Pizza Max for several years. In editing, I worked for event management companies, composing, arranging and editing music for video productions.

clubcity media

For larger projects, the team around clubcity media. You want to present your company, your idea or your product on the World Wide Web? From the vision to the realization, we realize your presence on the Internet. With interesting and unusual design, simple user guidance, sounds, background music, audio and video we manufacture for you. We are a small team of screendesigners, programmers and music producers. This allows us to achieve faster implementation.


CLUBCITY Music is my electronic music label for dance music in all areas. After many years in the music business, we launched CLUBCITY Music to release new, fresh and innovative music. I am at Label Manager and A & R. For demos and information, send me an e-mail to mw@clubcitymusic.de

DJ Mike Strike

I started in 1994 aka Pete Pendecho and DJ Mike Strike as a DJ and gained first experiences at underground Berlin techno and house parties. By working as a producer Techno Wave 1994 the DJ's Mark'Oh, Hooligan (Da Hool) and Westbam and made some remixes. There were some live sets and dj gig's all over Germany.

Livesets Vitamin Ah / Mark'Oh

The live sets took place together with Gary B. and Shane Weber as live act "VITAMIN Ah" at some side events of the MAYDAY in the Ruhr area and Berlin.

E Nomine and DJ Reverend aka DJ Mike Strike

In 1998, I landed a hit in 1999 with "Father Our" (Deutsche Chart position # 4). It follows the album "The Testament" and two other successful singles from this album, all with chart positions in Europe. In the year 2000 there is an extensive tour of Germany with a DJ support act, DJ Reverend.

E Nomine

Wikipedia: E Nomine ("from (the) name", excerpt from Latin in nomine, "in (the) name") is a German-language music project, 1999 by producers Christian "Chris Tentum" Weller and Friedrich "Sir Fritz" Graner was founded and released by licensee David Brunner. Her music is an unusual combination of trance / techno and vocal accompaniment reminiscent of Gregorian and classical Gregorian vocals. E Nomine describes this style of music as "Monumental Dance".

Actors like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Redford, Nicolas Cage, John Travolta ), Brad Pitt (Tobias Champion), Mel Gibson (Elmar Wepper, Frank Glaubrecht, Joachim Tennstedt), Liv Tyler (Elisabeth Gunther) and many others were featured in the title of E Nomine. Further information on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E_Nomine

Mike Strike / NY BOYS / WESTBAM / Electric Kingdom

In 2001, together with Pierre Deutschmann, "NY BOYS" with a release on Westbam's label Electric Kingdom / Low Spirit with a few performances search as a few. the love star Galaktika.

Fine Food Records

Hi Party People, please welcome a new fresh label from Berlin, Germany. Finekost will present some fine electronic music to you. Something like sensitive minimal dub punk electro jazz funk soul club music. The label was founded by Michael Werner in summer 2018 to release new, fresh and innovating electronic music. Hope you enjoy and watch out for upcoming releases.