What do I offer as a virtual digital assistant?

I am a so-called multi-scanner type, a much-interested one. I like to plan, organize and then go directly around. Very important for me: I love the variety. I can support you in achieving your goals and am always interested in new projects. If you want to get in touch with me, write me an e-mail. I offer my help and solutions and I like to work on the following tasks:

  • Research, gather information and compile copywriting, blog articles, texts, ebooks
  • Create, build, and maintain social media channels
  • Organization, project management, travel planning
  • Social media marketing, fast response for your customers
  • Community management, answering application forms
  • Creating presentations
  • Creating graphical layouts
  • Create, build, customize, update Web pages
  • Customer communication, answering emails and messages audio branding, producing and editing audio material
  • DJ-ing, music and artist Research, digitisation, compilations
  • Photography and filming

My strengths lie in my independence and my network. I like to learn new things every day and I can quickly get into new tasks, react and act. As you have already noticed, I am flexible. "Why do you need a VDA?

Maybe you are in the building phase of your business or you are about to realign your business. I can help you with that. I'll help you and we'll work hand in hand. You can win time and get ahead faster. Just recurring tasks often cost a lot of time, which entrepreneurs can use better for their core business, new projects and Qualitytime with the family. So it's ideal to outsource some of these tasks to a digital virtual assistant like me.

How can I help you, the first contact and how to proceed?

What tasks can you transfer to me? Sign up with me and the collaboration can be done immediately and uncomplicated via Skype, phone, messenger services, a classic email address, and further and goal-oriented with project management tools such as Trello, Miracle List and Google Calendar. Of course, we can also find out in a personal conversation how I can support and relieve you. I am currently in Berlin and have dates free.

How much does my help cost you?

My hourly rate or task remuneration is project-dependent and available on request.

How can you check and view my working time and the status of the tasks?

With time and Bill, I write and manage my working hours online via the Web browser or via the smartphone. The program convinces with a clearly structured user interface and simple handling. Easy and intuitive operation, let us keep the overview together.

With the project management tool Trello, we no longer have long email chains or obsolete tables. It is the ideal online software for managing projects. With Trello we capture the entire project, with a single look. We see all the information of your project with a look at the board. All tasks are updated in real time. You don't have to set up anything and all users understand immediately.

If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail !