Michael Werner

Music production and DJ since 1993

I, Michael Werner, made my first DJ experiments in 1984 at the breakdancing sensation even before my music experiments. With two turntables and a mixer of the cheapest variety, I scratched and mixed wildly at home with my parents. Of course, my parents did not last long and I was forced to hang up at parties. In 1993, I started producing music with various producer teams in Berlin and the Ruhr area. A year later, the first release was released, which became the worst cover version of the year. But that encouraged me a little longer. Together with Bruce & Bongo and Boris Köhler alias Gary B. of the 94 Dance Act MAXX (Get a way & No More) we built up several music studios. To this day I am active in the pop and dance music field.

Michael Werner DJ and live sets

His first release on his own label CLUBCITY Music was a techno track named "Antipop". Beatport and Juno at the first release week. The second release "end effect" had the same success in that music range. Both release had their own style and power of the german DJ and artist Michael Werner.

Michael Werner / NY BOYS / WESTBAM / Electric Kingdom

In 2001 there was the live act "NY BOYS" together with Pierre Deutschmann. With the publication as E.P. on Westbam's Electric Kingdom / Low Spirit label on the Electric Kingdom - TechoLectro's 2nd Wave Compilation.

DJ Mike Strike

Michael Werner starts as a DJ in the year 1994 aka Mike Strike and makes his first experience at some Berlin Underground Techno and House Parties. Mark'Oh, DJ Hooligan (Da Hool) and Westbam and worked on some remixes at the same time he started to produce music. Then followed by some live acts and DJ gigs in Germany. Today he is playing at some relaxing boat trips around Berlin and some small clubs around Berlin and Hamburg.

DJ Mike Strike and E Nomine

In 1998, Michael Werner got to know the producer team for the project E Nomine, which landed a hit in 1999 with "Our Father" (Deutsche Chart Position # 4). It was followed by the album "The Testament" and two other successful singles from this album, all with chart positions in Europe. In the year 2000 there was an extensive tour of Germany with Mike Strike as a DJ support act.

Livesets Vitamin Ah and Mark'Oh

The live sets took place together with Gary B. and Shane Weber as live act "VITAMIN Ah" at some side events of the MAYDAY in the Ruhr area and Berlin.


Enomine, Mark Oh, D.O.N.S, DJ Hooligan, Dolphins Mind, Saxony Paule, BUDDY.

Other Projects

Labelmanager CLUBCITY Music and SUAY, DJ Mike Strike, DJ and Live Sets Michael Werner.

Further productions

DJ Nick, Animate, NY BOYS, DJ Hooligan, No Nuke, Mr. Bionic, Mike & Bo, Mike Strike, Blind Date, Black is Back, Wicked Dog, Razziofarm MKII, Tripple XXX DJ Team, BUDDY, Michael Werner.

Software: Ableton Live, Logic Audio, Tractor, Serato, Wavelab, Audacity


2018 Michael Werner - "Antipop Remixes" / CLUBCITY / CCM017
2018 DJ Mike Strike - "Drums and Bass" / CLUBCITY / CCM016
2017 Juan Cordoba - "A71 EP" / CLUBCITY / CCM015
2015 Dennis Frost - "No Idea EP" / CLUBCITY Music / CCM014
2014 Bonigma 3000 - "Ederlezi" Remix / on soundcloud
2013 Pierre Deutschmann - Frenemy / clubcitymusic / CCM013
2012 Pierre Deutschmann - Odetolett & Parfönng / CCM012
2011 Alex Harmony - The Beginning / clubcitymusic / CCM011
2010 Pierre Deutschmann - Metoda Campus / CCM010
2009 Michael Werner & Captain - Doppelpass / CCM009
2009 Alex Harmony - Sonnendeck / clubcitymusic / CCM008
2008 Michael Werner - Doppelpass / clubcitymusic / CCM007
2008 Captain Oats - Minomit / clubcitymusic / CCM006
2008 Pierre Deutschmann - Reminisce vs. Clarity / CCM005
2008 Captain Oats - Flubber / clubcitymusic/ CCM004
2008 Michael Werner - Antipop / clubcitymusic / CCM003
2008 MichaelWerner - Endeffekt / clubcitymusic / CCM002
2007 Pierre Deutschmann - Pokerface / clubcitymusic / CCM001
2001 N.Y. BOYS - Let it rock / Electric Kingdom / Low Spirit
2000 Fev-Zee - Hadi bir bak / A 45 / Edel
1999 D.O.N.S. - Ritmo Infernal Remix / KONTOR
1999 MIKE & BO _ The name of my dj / MANIFOLD RECORDS
1998 MR. BIONIC - Time 2 move / ARCADE / CNR
1998 BOZO DER BOSS - James Bond / KOCH
1998 BLACK IS BACK - Ganz in weiß / DA MUSIC
1997 TRUE LIES - Johnny B. / ARCADE / CNR
1997 DOLPHIN`S MIND - The flow-deep / SONY
1996 MARK´OH - Fade 2 grey Remix / URBAN / MOTOR
1996 MARK`OH - Tell me Remix / URBAN / MOTOR
1996 ANIMATE - Ride on the music / URBAN / MOTOR
1996 BLIND DATE - I wanna have fun / KOCH
1996 WICKED DOG - Wicked Dog / B-SIDES / Hooligan
1995 NO NUKE - Mystery XTC / PIKOSSO Records
1995 DJ NICK - Let´s do it again / INTERCORD
1995 DJ SCAT - Scatrave / INTERCORD
1994 DJ NICK - White Christmas / INTERCORD

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